Perfection and Normality

I recently read a post about how everyone is too obsessed with being perfect, and it made me think: What actually is perfection?

My thoughts exactly.

A few weeks ago, I was thinking how, really, there is no normal. I mean, normal is thinking that most people meet certain conditions. When you say “I’m not normal”, you’re saying that you do not meet those conditions, but everybody’s idea of what those conditions are is different. So, because everyone’s perception of normal is different, there is no normal.

The same applies to perfection. Everyone is obsessed with looking perfect, living their life perfectly, being perfect. But the thing is, everyone has different ideas about what perfection is.

For some people, being perfect might mean having flawless skin, a ridiculously thin waist, and wearing the latest fashion. For other people perfection might just mean a roof over your head. For me, it’s probably having friends, family, a home, and a good book to read. This means that, because it’s different for everyone, perfection does not exist.

So just remember, if you look at someone’s baking, or their house, or their looks, and think ‘Wow, they’re so perfect’, they could be looking at you and thinking the exact same thing. 

No-one is perfect.


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