Loss of talent?

Have you ever felt like you’re losing your talent? Like, I’ve never been good at singing, but I used to be okay at it – now I can’t even sing the songs that I myself have written! I don’t know if this is because my voice is different, or just that my brain has forgotten how, but I swear, I used to be able to sing and I can’t anymore.

It’s the same with acting. I was in the school production three years ago, and I didn’t understand how auditions worked, so I ended up as a random village child, but one of the teachers asked me why I didn’t audition for a main role, because she thought I would’ve got it. The truth is, I actually liked not being a main character, but I did, apparently, have the potential to be one. This year, my acting is so bad, it’s like I’ve forgotten how to!

Like I said before, I don’t know what the reason for this is. It might be that I actually am getting worse at these things, or it might just be that there’s so many people at college (high school) who do them lots better than me that I feel inadequate. I’m really not sure.

On the plus side, I’ve definitely gotten better at some things – last year, I would never have even thought about starting a blog! Obviously, I’m still not as good as some people (check out Hideaway Girl), but I’ve written three decent posts now, so… yay!

But yeah, I honestly have no idea what’s going on with the loss of talent thing. If anyone comes across this page and the same thing is happening to you, can you flick me an email or something? It’d be great to know that it’s not just me.



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