Blogger’s Block

So lately I’ve been having a bit of trouble thinking of things to write about. This is what happens: I open up my laptop, click the ‘New Blog Post’ button, and then just sit there. For, like, half an hour.

Image result for head in hands
That’s not me, but it’s what I feel like!

So if this blog post isn’t the best, I’m sorry, but as I said I’m finding it hard enough to write anything.

So blogger’s block is really annoying. It’s kind of the reason I never wanted to start a blog, because I figured I wouldn’t be able to think of anything to blog about. And that is what’s happening, but I managed to get a few posts in before now. Not that it really matters that I’m not posting anything because only, like, three people are actually going to read this. Thank you, by the way.

The worst thing about blogger’s block is that I like blogging – I like writing. It’s just that I can’t! And it’s so annoying!!!

Sorry guys, that was my little rage about blogger’s block. Hopefully I’ll be able to write something better soon!



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