In case you were wondering

Sooooo… You might be wondering why I didn’t post in so long – although I don’t imagine anyone actually is, but oh well. In case anyone was wondering, this post is about why I made this blog and what happened to it.

I created this blog because I needed somewhere that no-one knew me, somewhere I could be entirely myself without having to worry about people I knew in real life. I had just finished reading the Girl Online books by Zoe Sugg (they’re great, you should read them too) in which the main character keeps an anonymous blog. This gave me the idea and so off I went.

As I think I said in one of my previous posts, I am not allowed social media. However, last December I downloaded an app called Amino and created an (anonymous) account. I then went on to make friends – and a boyfriend (!!!). I’m sure I’ll do a post about him at some point so I won’t tell you about him now. The point is, I find it easy to be honest with him and also I talk to him all the time, so I didn’t have time or a need to continue my blog.

A while later, I got an email notification for a post from a blog I’m following. I opened it and read it and then got distracted looking at other posts, which led to other blogs… Anyway, this reminded me of my own blog and I thought I’d try and start it up again.

I am aware that my blog posts aren’t very good, and also that they kind of make me seem like a really unlikable person. I will try and write more posts that relate to more people, but it will probably devolve into a ‘me’ blog again. Anyway, for now, this is a post! It might not be particularly interesting but my blog is now on the road to recovery!

Oh yeah, and something else I should probably do is stop saying how bad my blog is (I feel like I’m being kind of pathetic)…




Anonymous Turtle is leaving the document…

5 thoughts on “In case you were wondering

  1. 🙂 Well, at least, it lets your viewing audience know what your mindset is like.

    I have noticed that a lot of bloggers on WordPress have taken the anonymous path (Which is fine with me).

    One of the advantages of being an anonymous blogger is having the freedom to post whatever you want.

    I do wish you all the best with your blog and please do not abandon your blog like the hundreds of thousands of bloggers before you.

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