Online dating: the pros and cons

Important note:

I am going to start scheduling my posts (!!!). Renard from Renard’s World says that in order to have a successful blog (with more than three readers 😂), consistency is vitally important – or something along those lines. This means I will try to be posting every Wednesday. Please bear with me as I figure out my schedule – my school is starting tomorrow so it will probably change. Anyway, on to the post!

I have mixed feelings about online dating. I used to think that it was really weird and wondered why anyone would do it – but now that I am dating online, my thoughts on the matter have changed (slightly). There are pros and cons to online dating, as there are to all things, and these are obviously not all of them but they’re some.


  • You get the chance to judge someone by their personality without being affected by their looks – although I understand that looks are important to some people, I would rather be with someone who has a beautiful personality than someone with a beautiful face or body.
  • It’s easier to hide your relationship from your parents – and believe me, I need to hide my relationship from my parents 😂
  • There are LOTS of people on the internet (on social media, blogs, games, etc) and you will never meet most of them – most likely you will not even know that they exist. Online dating gives you a chance to meet people you would never normally meet.
  • Similar to the point above – if your sexual orientation, gender identity, state of mental wellbeing, etc. is less common, you can find people who are like you or who accept you online while you may not be able to in real life.


  • Obviously there’s a lot of stalkers, catfish, hackers etc. online and if you are trying to date online then it’s fairly likely that you’ll meet one of them at some point.
  • There are creepy people. Once someone messaged me on Amino and said “I’m looking for a girl for sex” (I said “No thanks” and left the conversation). Also, people might try and get pictures of you without clothes which they could do anything with.
  • If you do find a relationship online, it is most likely that they will not live near you (unless you were specifically looking for someone who lived near you). This can be a problem, and although there are video calls and stuff like that, it’s still not the same (believe me, I know).
  • Some people have totally different personalities online than in real life. You could end up falling in love with their online personality rather than the real them.
  • There can be too many choices. You might end up in an endless search to find the “perfect” partner for you.
  • It is often harder to communicate online – for example, a sarcastic tone is hard to convey without making it very obvious, and you cannot see people’s facial expressions to tell if they are hurt/lying/etc.

Anyway, those are some of the pros and cons of online dating. This is only from my own experience, and if anyone has anything to add please comment below ⤵️




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