Raise your hand if you like hugs ✋

Okay, so who here likes hugs?

I really like hugs, and I used to get a lot of hugs from my friends as well as my family. But now my friends don’t seem to be as “huggy” and I’m not sure why.

Hugs have been proven to benefit both mind and body. They reduce stress, make you feel happier, and might even reduce pain you’re feeling. Some people do not like hugs, and I do not force hugs upon them, but I feel as if something is missing from me if I stop getting hugs. Hugs are (were) a big part of my life and they help me to feel more normal.

One thing I have noticed is that as people get older, they stop being as “huggy”. When I was younger, me and my friends would hug each other all the time. Even right up until year seven and eight (around 12 or 13 years old), people hugged each other. But now that I’m at college (high school), I’ve noticed that this doesn’t happen as much. I honestly have no idea why – surely you would need hugs more in later life?

Another thing that could be the reason I don’t get hugs anymore is that my friend groups have changed. I used to have two or three friend groups and I was very close to them. Now I have quite a lot of friends but I am not nearly as close to them. Instead, I am a roamer – I migrate between friend groups at lunchtime and interval (it wasn’t intentional, it just ended up like that). So yeah, it could be that I’m not getting as many hugs because I’m not as close to my friends anymore.

And what’s up with people not hugging their parents? I get that they’re embarrassed of their parents (I am too, though I wish I wasn’t), but a lot of teenagers don’t even seem to hug their parents in their own home. Parents need hugs too, guys! Well, I assume they do…?

So that’s some random thoughts on hugs. I’m sorry that my posts aren’t as good at the moment, I’m having some trouble getting my writing to flow, but here you go, I wrote something anyway. See you next week!




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