It’s been a year

So today is exactly a year since I started this blog – it’s crazy! I had no idea I would still be writing on here and thought I would have given up long ago – and I nearly did a couple of times, but here I am still writing! (Although this post is boring, you don’t have to read it…)

A lot of things have changed since I started this blog. A lot. I was in my first relationship, and went through my first breakup. I went from having no social media, to having way too much. At one time I felt too much about things to put into words, and at other times I felt nothing at all. Aaand so on and so on.

I still find it super hard to come up with ideas. I do try to write posts that help you in some way, but it’s generally easier for me to just write about wherever my mind goes. Occasionally I have loads of ideas for what to write, and sometimes it comes to Wednesday and I just have no freaking clue – so it’s pretty helpful that I had a notification telling me about the one year thing… So now I’m writing this post about that, which isn’t like my normal posts at all but hey, who cares?

I just wanted to thank everyone who has read my blog. Everyone. Even if you hated it. When I started this blog I didn’t think anyone would read it, but now… I may not have hundreds of followers, but I do have people who read my writing and give feedback sometimes. Yes, I am probably overreacting, but I am really grateful for you guys. I just want you all to know that you are amazing, even if anyone says otherwise. Everyone is amazing and we have to remind each other of that sometimes 🙂

Thanks for coming with me so far, guys!




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