All names have been changed (obviously).

So on Monday I found something out that kind of hurt. Someone in my class, Pony, kept saying “Turtle – oh wait, I’ll ask you later.” By lunchtime I got sick of this and messaged her to find out what she wanted to ask me. First she said “how different are you online” and I was thinking “That’s all she wanted to ask?” But then she said “and dya send nudes” and I was like “No way!” and asked why. She said “oh nvm, just a rumour”.

Normally there aren’t many rumours at my school, but after I heard this I was like “Wait, so there’s a rumour that I send nudes?” and I texted my friend Unicorn about it, and apparently Pony had also asked him if the rumour was true and Unicorn had thought “That’s weird, why would anyone think that?” So then I asked Pony where she had heard the rumour from and she said “just ppl, dont worry bout it”. When I talked to her in person about it later, her friend Mare said that she’d heard the rumour too.

Sooo this kinda hurts. Obviously the rumour is not true, and it’s not nice at all for people to spread untrue things about you. I would never send nudes and it kind of feels bad that people believe that I would.

I really want to know who would start that rumour and why, but Pony and Mare both said they didn’t know who started it. When I asked who they had heard it from, they said “People. It’ll pass, don’t worry about it.” The point is not that it’ll pass, the point is that people are saying untrue things about me and it hurts. I think I have a right to know who is saying these things about me but I have no idea how to find out if no-one will tell me.

I don’t like rumours. Most of the time they’re not true and often hurtful, and I try not to listen to or spread them. Now that I am the subject of a rumour, I dislike them even more…

To be honest, I just want the rumour to go away so I don’t have to think about it anymore. I’ve tried to think that “I know it’s not true so it doesn’t matter if other people think it is”, but I can’t quite change my mind to believe that. (Actually, I wrote this on Monday so it’s not completely true anymore. I no longer care.)

Anyway – rumours are dumb, don’t spread rumours!




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5 thoughts on “Rumours

  1. You know the problem is we all are so judgmental and that we say things about people that we hear even if we don’t believe them. I used to think that this happens in teenage only but now that I am way past that I still hear rumors🙄🙄

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