Tired again but different

So as you guys know, I schedule my posts and they are often inaccurate by the time they actually go on this blog. Just in case anyone gets worried about my last post, it no longer applies to me and it is just a piece of poetry that I wrote about now past experiences. So anyway…

Soon after I scheduled that last post, I got sick. I had a very bad cold or flu or something and took about a week to get properly better. The first night when I was sick, I got less than two hours of sleep. Considering I normally sleep for about eight to ten hours, this was really, really bad. The next day I was still properly sick so I didn’t really notice anything out of the ordinary.

After a while, I started getting better from the illness that I had. Then I noticed that everything was slightly weird and hazy, as if I was still half-asleep – all the time. I figured it was just because I was tired, and it would be better in one or two days. It didn’t get better, and it was horrible. I felt detached from everything I did, I couldn’t feel pain properly (which might sound great but led to me scratching my arms until they bled to see if I could feel anything). It was kind of like I had just come out from a general anaesthetic or something – it’s very hard to explain, but it was not fun.

Even though I was sleeping more than I normally would at that point, it wasn’t getting any better. I started getting worried that I would never go back to normal and would always be stuck in that strange half awake state where my dreams felt more real than real life.

Surprise surprise, I got better! I am now definitely either nearly normal again –  or nearly used to being like that… So that’s great, ’cause it wasn’t fun at all so I’m glad I’m better.

Yeah, I’m not sure what the point of this post was but I’m running out of ideas so here you go.




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