The deep, dark, hole.

So a couple of people might have noticed there’s been no posts for a while. This is because I’ve been in a hole. That’s the only way I can think of to describe it. A deep, dark hole that I keep falling into, over and over again. And whenever I just about manage to climb out, something trips me up and I fall back in, and every time I fall in, it hurts more, because I still have bruises and scrapes from the last time I fell down.

So that happened for a while. I fell and I fell and I fell and whenever I finally managed to get back up I fell again. The hole got deeper and deeper and I started to hurt more and more and more — until one day I fell right to the bottom and I stayed there. I lay there at the very bottom of the hole for nearly a whole day. And then I realised that lying at the bottom of a hole wasn’t a good idea. So I got up. And I started to climb. And it was hard, but I got to the top and I climbed out onto solid ground.

What I didn’t fully realise until that day is that there was a rope. It was broken and frayed from me trying to catch onto it while I was falling — but there was a rope. And on that day when I lay at the absolute bottom of the hole, I realised that I had to use it. Realised that even if I didn’t like the rope, I needed to get out of that hole. I would never have to use the rope again but I had to get up. So I talked to the rope. And I told it why I was in the hole (or as much as I understood, anyway) and why I needed to get out. And it helped me. That rope helped me climb out.

After I had climbed all the way up from rock bottom, I was pretty happy. I stayed above ground for a few days, living my life and occasionally chucking some dirt into the hole. Then one day, I fell down again — but that dirt I chucked into the hole made it easier to climb out. And so I did, and the same thing happened again. In fact, I’m still falling into that hole, but it’s slowly filling up and up with all the soil I throw back into it when I’m living happily above ground. Who knows, maybe one day the hole will be completely gone…

If you’re in a hole, or about to fall into one, don’t let yourself fall all the way down — or maybe, do let yourself. Sometimes hitting the absolute bottom is what it takes to realise that you need to stop falling into holes — but if you can avoid it, do. And whatever you do, don’t be afraid to use that rope. To talk to it and let it help you. There is no shame in using a rope to help you climb out of a hole. And maybe the rope won’t work as well as you think it will, and maybe it will fall apart after one use. But you need to try.

I used that rope, and guess what? It didn’t work as well as I thought would. But I still climbed out. And I managed to make the hole ever so slightly smaller once I was above ground, so that next time I fell, it would be easier to get back up. That rope helped me and I am sure it will help anybody.

I climbed out of that hole. You can climb out too.




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6 thoughts on “The deep, dark, hole.

  1. PS Metaphors if anyone’s confused — the hole is like my state of mind or all my negative feelings or something, I’m actually not really sure. The bottom of the hole was my worst day, my all-time low. The rope was a counsellor, a friend, anybody you can talk to — and yes, I realise that a rope you talk to is a weird analogy but it’s hard to think of something that fits with the rest of it. The dirt thrown in is positive feelings that slowly built up over time. And the surface, of course, is a normal, happy life.

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      1. Maybe there is another rope? Or a rope ladder or even a helium balloon or ooh, a hovercraft! And someone will cover the hole or at the very least install a mattress or perhaps a trampoline at the bottom. I’m very familiar with holes. 🙂 May your landings be soft and your time above ground be joyful.

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