Love is exciting

First of all, I thought that in every post, I’d start listing some good things that happened this week, mainly because concentrating on positive aspects of your life sometimes helps combat the negative ones. Here are my five good things for this week:

  1. My crush hugged meeeeeeeeee 😁
  2. Me and my friend accidentally convinced everyone in my drama class that we’re dating
  3. I had some great conversations with people and I didn’t mess them up
  4. I finished some science work that I was stressed about
  5. I reached 100 likes on this blog (thanks, guys!!!)

So anyway, I have a crush on someone and I would just like to express how absolutely amazing she is. She is reallllyyyy nice and kind and sweet and pretty much any good word you can use to describe people can be used to describe her. She is one of the more sporty and popular girls in my class but she is still super nice to everyone, including me.

Oops, I’m boring everyone before I’ve even started. Basically, the other day in science, me and my friend E started talking about what happened in drama the day before. What had happened was lots of hugs because she wasn’t feeling that great about stuff, and we were talking about how we were pretty sure it had convinced everyone that we were dating. Then we started talking about what it meant to be dating, and relationships in general. This led to talking about and sharing sexualities (bi-romantic asexual, if anyone’s wondering), which led to asking each other if we had crushes on anyone at the moment.


Short answer: Yes. And maybe it’s just me, but when you tell someone about having a crush on someone else, it immediately becomes more real and even more exciting.

I don’t know why it’s so exciting to have a crush on somebody, or to be in love. It just is, and when somebody other than me knows about it, I tend to overload them with details about how my crush laughed at something I said the other day and things like that.

Actually, not only did MB (my crush) laugh at something I said more than once, but earlier on the same day that me and E were talking about crushes, she hugged me!! Well, it depends on your definition really, but we were waiting for PE to start and E was hugging me and then someone suddenly joined in the hug. I totally thought it was H because she’s E’s friend and sort of mine too, and then she said something and I realised it was MB! I slightly freaked out and then probably unintentionally stared at her for the rest of the day…

Um, yeah. I’m not really sure where this post was meant to go, so… byeee! 😅




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