End of year tips

The end of the year is always quite chaotic, especially if you go to school. There are people to thank, people to farewell, so many secret Santas to organise… And then you have to make Christmas cards, find presents for people (if you celebrate it, that is), and also find time to clean up your bedroom and type up a quick blog post.

For me, this time of year always ends up with me not having done something that I wanted or was supposed to do. For example, I now have to backdate three posts (I could just leave them be as the date they were posted but my brain doesn’t like me if I do that). I also haven’t even started making Christmas cards, which is a slight problem because it always takes me ages.

So , some tips for staying on top of things in the holiday season:

  • Number one: Sleep. It is sooo important that you get a good night’s sleep. I haven’t been sleeping a lot lately and wow, I really regret it because now I’m tired and stressed and my eyes are sore. Get some sleep.
  • Two: Prioritise things out have to do by the date they have to be done by. For example, Christmas cards and presents would come before cleaning your room, because there is no set date that your room has to be clean by. (But this doesn’t mean you can just put it off forever!)
  • Three: Make a list of things you have to do. On paper, on your phone, with magnetic letters on the fridge, it doesn’t matter. If you try and keep them all in your head then a) you may forget some, and b) you will not be able to fully concentrate.

There you go, a few ideas on keeping things on track and under control (I couldn’t think of many because I struggle with it myself…). Have a great day guys 🙂




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