Make someone’s day

Ways to make someone’s day:

  • Smile at them (a genuine smile)
  • Tell them their hair looks nice today (or clothes etc)
  • Thank them for doing something, eg. always helping you get places on time
  • Tell them they’re amazing
  • Tell them you love them (only if it’s someone who is close to you, don’t just go up to a random stranger and say “I love you”, that would be weird)
  • Write a compliment for them on all the good qualities they have and leave it somewhere for them to find
  • Randomly text them telling them the things you like about them
  • Make them something (baking, a card etc)
  • Or, simply just have a conversation with them!

These may not affect someone at all, or it might just make their day. Why don’t you give it a go and see?




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