Christmas presents are weird

Christmas presents are weird. Why do we feel the need to give people things just because it’s a certain day? I just think it’s dumb because even if there’s nothing you want or need, people still feel obligated to find something to give you, just because it’s Christmas. This leads to having a whole bunch of stuff you don’t want or need, which you just throw out. It’s pointless and bad for the environment, because a whole bunch of stuff is just going to end up in landfill somewhere.

If you are having trouble thinking of a gift for someone, you could do any number of different things instead, and be more environmentally friendly while you’re at it! You could make a card (instead of buying one) – if you put work into it, it will show the person that you care even though you didn’t buy them anything. You could also make them food – food is always a good option because if you make it yourself, there will be barely any waste as it will all be eaten. Also, it’s tasty.

There are other things you can do instead of buying presents for people who don’t want anything. You can give them a small environmentally friendly gift like vouchers you’ve made that say “I will wash and dry all the dishes for a whole week” (obviously the text would vary depending on your age and situation). You could also – and this is my favourite – gift them an experience! I don’t know why I even celebrate Christmas (I’m not a Christian so it doesn’t really have any meaning for me in that way) so for me it’s just a day to get together with family and have fun. Or, if that sounds too much like doing nothing, you can go on a walk with them, or take them to a movie or something.

There are so many alternatives to buying people presents that they neither want or need. Although they won’t work for everyone (I realise that opening presents isย very exciting when you’re a little kid!), you should definitely give them a try. Plus, it means that if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet you don’t need to stress about it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And of course, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can still do all these things for whatever occasion you usually give gifts on. Happy holidays!




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5 thoughts on “Christmas presents are weird

  1. My faimly has recently started doing experience Chtistmases like you mentioned.
    We gift things like tickets, vouchers, subscriptions, etc. And the kids (who are broke) can make cards or food. The main reason is what you mentioned – being environmentally friendly and having less clutter.

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