Oops and Eeee

So um… I’ve broken my new year’s resolution already 😅

This post is backdated (because I’m lazy and forgetful)! Although, in fairness, it was my first day of school today, and I’ve been pretty busy preparing for that… But still…

Anyway, this post is gonna be an update on my nonexistent love life because why the hell not 🙂

I only share one class with my crush but she has now accepted my follow request on her private Instagram account!! Also we had like a whole 17 message long conversation last night!! And she said hi to me in the hallway today!! And I should probably stop talking about these things so excitedly when I’m trying to get over her!! But yeah!!

…that was far too many exclamation marks, I’m sorry…

Have a nice week 🙂




Anonymous Turtle is leaving the document…

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