Ngl, texting slang is weird af

Texting slang! Abbreviations, letters instead of words, etc etc.

It’s strange. I get why it became a thing – it’s wayyy faster to type them (and there also used to be a small character limit in texts) –  but I still find them weird. Like, why do we say ‘lol’ instead of, I don’t know, ‘haha’? It’s basically just as fast to type, and let’s be honest, half the time people are typing ‘lol’ and not ‘laughing out loud’ at all.

Abbreviations and acronyms sure save time, but a lot of the time they aren’t used honestly or aren’t intuitive. Like, how am I supposed to know that ‘cba’ means ‘can’t be arsed’? It might just be a misspelling of ‘can’ for all I know!


Other weird texting language:

Lmao – again, most likely not even laughing in real life.

Ygt – You’ve got talent? No, it actually stands for… Wait actually I’m not sure, it could be ‘you got this’ or, according to Google, ‘you get that’…

Ngl and tbh – Why do we need both? Don’t they mean basically the same thing?


Anyway, that’s just a random rant on how texting slang is confusing and often not used genuinely. Don’t get me wrong, I use all these abbreviations, but I just don’t understand some of the reasons behind them and therefore think they’re pretty strange sometimes.




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4 thoughts on “Ngl, texting slang is weird af

  1. This is classic – I love it! Love your honesty and thinking out loud!!! I must be honest – most of my “abbreviations” are horrendous spelling errors as I had to remove predictive text off my phone and write in two languages. … I have even sworn at people by mistaking!
    Look forward to you blogging more!

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    1. Thank you so much!! It can be difficult when you’re trying to write in a different language and autocorrect is like nO it must be eNgLiSH o_o
      I’m taking a break right now but hopefully I’ll be blogging again soon! ❤

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